ClariNorit follows a process for the approval and acceptance of your spent activated carbon for reactivation.  ClariNorit is permitted to accept a very wide variety of adsorbates on the activated carbon, but none-the-less, we must have certainty and understanding of what materials are present on the carbon from your process. 

 The process begins with the submittal of a Spent Carbon Profile Form, together with a sample and a TCLP test. 

This is necessary to ensure that the spent carbon can be handled and reactivated safely and that the quality of our reactivated carbon products is maintained.

 ClariNorit follows all of the legal requirements to transport hazardous waste to Mexico including RCRA, Non-RCRA and non-hazardous waste to our facility in Nava , Coahuila, Mexico as specified in Title 40, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 262, subpart E, Section 262.53.  This can be confirmed by an Acknowledgment of Consent letter received from EPA commonly known as the AOC.

 The AOC very clearly lists all of the federal waste codes that ClariNorit, USA is authorized to export to ClariNorit.

 The letter certifies to the generator that EPA has done their due diligence to confirm with the government of Mexico that ClariNorit has all necessary permits, is in good standing, and is authorized to receive listed imported waste.

 The diagram below illustrates the steps required for a company to receive an Acknowledgement of Consent from the EPA. By becoming the Exporter of Record, ClariNorit USA is the entity required to obtain all AOCs and complete the necessary annual reports. This is clarified by a memo from EPA stating the roles of the generator and the exporter.




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