CLARINORIT is synonymous with Quality, Technology, Experience and Service. We ensure that together we will provide the optimized products and integral solutions for your specific purification challenges.



Since 1960, CLARINORIT has teamed with its customer base to develop and cost-effectively produce the optimal products for their purification processes. With CLARINORIT, quality and reliability are not optional: in fact our principle production facility in Atitalaquia, Hidalgo, Mexico has been certified under ISO 9001:2008 since 2000.

Our products comply with the highest quality standards and certifications including:







The quality and applicability of our products is a result of discipline and adherence to the most demanding standards, together with partnerships with our customers. This has allowed us to form long-term business relationships with the market leaders in industries such as:


CLARINORIT, in conjunction with universities and the Mexican government, has established a state-of-the-art research and development laboratory at the Atitalaquia site that is unique to Latin America for adsorbent technology. This laboratory permits its highly qualified research staff to develop products in a truly scientific manner, leaving traditional trial and error efforts behind. Each application is optimized for maximum efficiency.

CLARINORIT also offers its technical support in the form of:

Production and Engineering Staff Sales and Technical Support Team Technical support from the Distribution Network Our technical support team allows us to serve our customers considering their special processing and applications needs. Our experience gives us a global vision and deep knowledge of the application of activated carbon in over 25 countries.



With over 50 years in the domestic and export markets, we have accumulated the knowledge to provide our customers the experience that they deserve when choosing and using our activated carbons in their facilities.

Experience in customer support, application development, and process improvement and efficiency permits Clarinorit to meet the varied and ever-increasing requirements of the customer base.


We base our service standards on our own experience as a manufacturer and as a customer. We understand your business and we are committed to ensure that you will receive the right product, on-time, within specifications, and most importantly – the first time.

We can achieve this by:

  • Maintaining an inventory commitment to ensure on time delivery
  • Optimizing product offering through application support
  • Utilizing laboratory studies including both adsorption isotherms and column studies
  • Followed by field testing supported by our sales engineers.

Additionally, CLARINORIT will provide technical and training seminars covering optimization of the application of the appropriate product in your process. We help you reduce costs through the best application, of the best product, most efficiently in your operation.